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[DEMO] Copy Code Empty [DEMO] Copy Code

Post by Ange Tuteur on Mon 08 May 2017, 14:04

Tutorial : http://fmdesign.forumotion.com/t1337-copy-code

Description : In this quick tutorial you'll find out how you can add a copy code button to your Forumotion forum, similar to the one that's on Forumactif Edge. Clicking this button will automatically copy the code to your clipboard without having to right click or CTRL+C !
[DEMO] Copy Code 4y46fh10

Demo : Click the Copy Code button on the code box below and it'll automatically copy the contents to your clipboard. If you don't see the copy code button, click here to refresh the demo.
window.fae_copyCode = {
 ┬ácopy : 'Copy Code',
 ┬ácopied : 'Copied !'
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