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[DEMO] Image Resizer Empty [DEMO] Image Resizer

Post by Ange Tuteur on Wed 27 Apr 2016, 13:52

Tutorial : http://fmdesign.forumotion.com/t544-image-resizer#8305

Description : This image resizer is meant to be an improvement over Forumotion's default resizer, by using CSS to resize the images and JavaScript to provide additional options. It'll resize the images much faster as it utilizes CSS to set height and width restrictions rather than JavaScript.
[DEMO] Image Resizer A66dSMI

Demo : By default this image resizer is installed on the forum. Below are a few large images, try interacting with them.

[DEMO] Image Resizer Captur42

[DEMO] Image Resizer Star10

[DEMO] Image Resizer Captur25

[DEMO] Image Resizer Captur28
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